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Our History

Launch of first Hedge Fund in New York in 2006 with Prime Brokers on the meeting floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Based on research conducted at Oxford University and published in Financial Times columns.

Our Achievements

Understanding the needs of private investors for lower cost and better quality than traditional fund management or pseudo-fintech which does not actually innovate. Then delivering and fulfilling these needs through technological innovation married with institutional, private banking quality insights.

Our Vision

Be the Google of trading and investing. Use Financial Technology of the finest quality giving simple answers to returns at the lowest cost, accessible to everyone – all based on our worldclass research.


Some of our works

Highlight Projects

Edmond de Rothschild bank.
Merrill Lynch HSBC
10 Downing Street(London)
Department for International Trade
Investment Algorithms (Robo Advisors)
Bloomberg Television
Financial Times
Oxford University

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Learn how professional traders make money and copy them
  • Our free course and training videos show you how hedge funds trade and the bits of best practice from the leading traders in the world you can copy from managing risk to finding high probability moves – forex, stocks, indices.

Trend Following Trading Algorithms for the serious trader
  • Simple entry directions

  • Based on trend-following across multiple time-frames and indicators for assurance of accuracy

  • Simple risk measurement

  • Hedge fund quality loss protection Free Course

Great for beginners and experienced traders
  • Improve your investing returns with the best know-how and websites

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